First Year

• Spandex and Satan: The Existence of Music Before Nirvana
• Black Leather, Chains and Spikes
• Basic Showmanship: Banging the Head and Throwing the Horns
• Lucifer, Violence, Whores – An Intro to Album Sleeves
• Long Hair, Tattoos and Beards
• Hair Metal (A Case Study of Image over Talent)

Second Year

• Selling Your Soul to Assure Your Success
• Concept Albums, War and Tolkien
• Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne
any three from
• Black Metal and Church Arson (was formerly “The Problem with Taking Yourself Too Seriously”)
• Christian Metal: A Study into Contradiction in Terms
• Showmanship and Blowing Shit Up
• Credibility or Financial Gain (guest lecturer: Gene Simmons)

Third Year

• Led Zeppelin 1969-1980
• Ego: Disappearing Up Your Own Arse (guest lecturer: W. Axl Rose)*
any four from
• Reunion Tours and Albums
• Supermodels, Strippers and Groupies
• Advanced Marketing Case Study: Iron Maiden and Eddie the ‘Ed
• The Life and Times of Ian “Lemmy” Kilminster
• Creating Mystique: Drugs, Magick and Aleister Crowley
• The Needle and The Damage Done

*This unit may be delayed for several hours on flimsy pretexts.