Reverend Doctor Cooper (he has no first name, not as far as you’re concerned) was born in the twentieth century and will live into the twenty-second in the attempt. He decided to be a writer while still at primary school, despite being told by a teacher that if he didn’t write enough books he would starve. since that time he has lived on a diet of tobacco and pizza seasoned with alcohol, never more than seven days away from starving to death in the nude.

Much of his work is “improved” by his two-year-old daughter, Lila, using a purple crayon. Cooper lives in a pile of papers and believes that the universe is either the result of a committee led planning scheme, or letting the work experience kid loose with the simulator.

This chap (who wrote that lot himself – from now on in it’s all me) has been my friend and brother for many a year, and we have shared more adventures than either of us can remember – quite literally, in many cases. During the many discussions that have seen wit and wisdom fly betwixt columns of pipe smoke, the idea of Cooper writing a blog had frequently been suggested. But while Cooper may be capable of using a lighter occasionally when we’ve run out of matches, that is about the extent of his capabilities with technology. So, the answer to getting the chief of the neo-luddites onto the internet was simple – I, The Almighty Bobbu, would have to set one up for him. As a fellow bipolar ‘sufferer’, I can never find enough to fill my time, and so I agreed to become his editor and publisher. So I encourage you to read the works of this inspiring and completely insane man.

The Almighty Bobbu

Creative Commons Licence
Moodswings and Roundabouts by Revd Dr Cooper is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Share it all you like, but don’t say it’s yours, don’t change it and don’t charge anyone for it.

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